Managing Your AIDN WA Membership / Subscription

AIDN WA uses the Wild Apricot platform to host our web site. This provides many membership management features that allows us to more efficiently manage AIDN WA and your membership. There are a lot of "Self Service" features that allow you to manage your own contact and membership details, e-mail subscriptions, membership and event fees payments, privacy settings, and much more.

 The following guides and videos provide a quick and very useful introduction into how to manage your won AIDN WA membership and/or subscription. Please note that, while the examples shown have a different look and feel to the AIDN WA website, the features work pretty much in the way shown. Some features may or may not be available to you depending on your membership level.

Use the following link to go the the new members guide. It is a good starting point for how to manage your AIDN WA membership.

New Member Guide

I highly recommend the first video below for new users. It is only 10 minutes long and summarises the whole membership guide in about 10 minutes.

Bundle Administration

If you have a Corporate Membership then your membership entitles you to have a number of people associated with your company's membership. This is called a "Bundle" membership. That is, there is a "bundle" of members under your company's Corporate Membership. Note that this only applies to Corporate Members and does not apply to Sole Trader, Life, Honorary or other membership types.

Each person associated with your company's membership will be treated as a full member of AIDN WA. You can add and remove people from your company's Corporate Membership yourself at any time. 

One of your company's members has been nominated as the "Bundle Administrator". The Bundle Administrator should have received an e-mail advising them that they had been appointed as your company's bundle administrator. It is important to know who your Bundle Administrator is because:

  1. You Bundle Administrator's profile is what appears in the AIDN WA Members Directory.
  2. They have permissions to add people to your company's bundle.

To remove members from your bundle or to change the bundle administrator you another person you need to contact the AIDN WA site administrator at .

Use the following link to go to the bundle administrator's guide, which provide instructions on how to administer your Corporate Membership bundle.

Bundle Administrator's Guide

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